BUDPOSTACH is the leading national operator of the market for professional equipment and tools in Ukraine.
Our company exists in Ukrainian market for more than 25 years. Throughout these years we have established a wide dealer network, including 68 branches. In all the regions of Ukraine, we have opened our own service centers which allow you to diagnose products operative, to perform warranty service and get quality advice on the correct maintenance.

The total number of employees exceeds 1700. We combined all our efforts on serving our customers.

The structure of the company includes the wholesale in B to B segment and retail sales, using a mechanism of our own eShop.

BUDPOSTACH has a range of over 30,000 products from world leading manufacturers at affordable prices.

The basis of our business philosophy — full commitment, integration and innovation. With a priority to the needs of our clients, we offer them complete solutions of the highest quality. For our B to B partners we developed the loyalty program, and our e-Shop’s buyers have a unique opportunity to purchase goods with stunning discounts.
We offer our customers high quality products at affordable prices, optimizing every stage of the supply chain, building long-term relationships with suppliers.



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Mission and values

Our values for customers

  • Product quality and innovation
    we offer the market the highest quality products, manufactured using innovative technologies
  • Stability and loyalty
    we provide a high level service, combined with the readiness to meet the wishes of customers and take into account all the circumstances
  • Openness and responsibility
    we build relationships based on transparency and responsibility, constantly expanding the scope of our business contacts, offering only those products that has been verified by us personally

Our values for employees

  • Teamwork
    each employee takes responsibility for the importance of his role in the general business process
  • Professionalism and Development
    employees share the core values of the company and inspire to continuously development of their skills
  • Effectiveness
    our employees refer to the results of the company, as to their own

Our values for Ukraine

  • Legality and social responsibility of business
    we do business adhering to the laws of Ukraine. We raise the level of welfare and social security of the population of our country
  • Honest competition
    our aim is to become the market leader due to the quality of our products and the professionalism of our employees
  • Reputation and responsibility
    our way of doing business form a positive image of Ukraine in the international business community
Our mission: We want to improve the lives of every person whom our business affects. Our goal is to provide the Ukrainian market advanced technologies, professional tools, equipment and a unique set of services that meets each client’s needs




Transport services

«He has the right to criticize, who has the heart to help» (Abraham Lincoln)

PE Budpostach has been operating on the international market since 1996. The company employs over 1700 employees, we have more than 50 representative offices in the cities of Ukraine, over 20 thousand square meters of rented warehouse space in Kiev, more than 23 thousand square meters leased warehouse space in other regions of the country. Each year, our company transports more than 2500 TEU containers, mainly imports from the Far East, using special conditions (low level of sea freight rates and free time from demurrage / detention of 18-35 days) with leading shipping lines (such as Maersk, Cma Cgm, MSC, OOCL, ZIM, Cosco, Evergreen, etc.). Due to the professionalism of our team of port forwarders, cargo is exported from the port promptly and at minimal cost.

Among our clients and partners there are: the Internet supermarket «ROZETKA», the Internet multi market «FotoMag», the online store «Fotos», Epicenter, New Line, Oldi, LLC «RUSH» (TM Eva), Production Cooperative «Santehmontazh», Collective Enterprise «Gefest» and others. But, not material resources, but first of all the collective of our enterprise is a distinctive feature, the so-called «visiting card» for our Clients and Partners. One of the underlying benefits and achievements of our company are the employees.

Our team of experienced and hard-working managers / water transport engineers and specialists of intermodal / multimodal transport organize and perform any cargo shipping. And the company provides all possible tools and resources to implement the relevant shipment. Competitiveness in freight rates (sea, air, railway, truck freight of LCL / container / oversized / bulk cargo and other kinds of cargo), timeliness, adequacy, clarity, smoothness and transparency of all processes of transportation are our the main features, which we want to be adequately appreciated by our Customers and Partners.

Services. Our company can provide services for the transport of goods in ocean liners’ containers and cargo transported in bulk, oversized cargo, etc.

Here is a brief list of our services:

— Forwarding for all ports of Ukraine
— Sea freight
— Air
— Railway transportation
— Road transport
— Transportation of consolidated cargo (LCL / LCL)
— Transportation of oversized cargo
— Transportation of Bulk Cargoes
— Warehousing
— Customs clearance
— Insurance services
— Other services at Customer’s request

Contact details of our forwarding office in Odessa:
Tel.: +38 (048)7232373
Tel / fax: +38 (048)7232373
Email: logistic@budpostach.com.ua


02099, Boryspilska St, 9-E Kyiv.
Tel. (044) 393 03 88

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